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2018-2019 Student Organization Office and Storage Space Allocation Process

Student Organization space in University Centers is assigned annually by the University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB), a board chaired by a student and with an 80% student majority.

UCAB assigns space during spring quarter for the following academic year. Any unallocated space, or any space that becomes available during the academic year, will be allocated by a rank-ordered waiting list. If there is no such list, space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. UCAB retains the right to reassign an organization to a different location during the academic year if facility issues arise.

2018 - 2019 Student Organization Office and Storage Space Allocation Process
Week 1 (Spring Quarter) Application Opens
Week 4 (Spring Quarter) Application Due
Week 5 and 6 (Spring Quarter) UCAB Space Allocation Committee meets to allocate spaces
Week 7 (Spring Quarter) Final decision presented to UCAB
*This timeline is subject to change

Eligible Student Organizations
All CSI-registered student organizations that want space in the Price Center or Student Center, either for the first time or for renewal are eligible. To apply for a space, student organizations must have a principal member fill out the UCAB Space Allocation Application (link at the bottom of the page). Please read the following information before submitting an application.

Student organizations that are exempt
Student organizations exempted from this application process:
  • Associated Students
  • Academic Success Program
  • Che CafĂ© Collective
  • Food Co-op
  • The General Store
  • Graduate Student Association
  • Multicultural Greek Organizations
  • Groundwork Bookstore
  • The Guardian
  • Greek Like Organizations
  • SAAC *

Space is allocated to these organizations by a separate procedure. If you represent one of these organizations do not submit an application.

* Student organizations formally affiliated with the Student Affirmative Action Committee (SAAC) wishing to obtain space in the SAAC office suite in the Price Center must complete the SAAC application process. If the organization seeks space outside of the SAAC Suite, it must complete the UCAB space allocation application. Organizations will not receive more than one space.

Types of space available
The number of offices that are assigned to student organizations is limited and the demand exceeds the supply. In most offices, more than one student organization is assigned to space.
32 spaces are available for allocation, including office and file options. 18 Lateral file storage drawers are also available.

Timeline for review and announcement of space assignments
During the initial decision-making process, the UCAB Space Allocation Committee may request further information to clarify or supplement an application. Decisions will be emailed to the principal member listed on the space application. However, the student organization is responsible for checking this website after week 7 for outcome.

Space assignment
All organizations (including organization who received confirmed space for the following academic year) are required to move out of the office and storage spaces and return their keys for the summer by June 15, 2018 (Friday). Space assignments are only for one academic year. The term begins at the beginning of the fall quarter.

Submit questions to Marcellus Anderson, mtanderson@ucsd.edu

UCAB Space Allocation Committee will be conducting 2 announced checks of all allocated student organization offices and storage spaces each quarter. Student Organizations may also file complaints/reports about possible violations to UCAB Vice Chair and UCAB Chair. Violations will be notified through email to all principal members of the organization as listed on CSI Student Organization directory.

Minor Offenses Report and observations of following conduct will result in a deduction of 1 (one) point during the upcoming Space Allocation process. Each point will result in the student organization moving one spot lower in the rankings of organizations who have applied for space.

  • Using more space than allotted and preventing other student organizations from accessing their space, or presenting a fire hazard.
  • Storage of perishables
  • Noise complaints
  • Placing items on top shelf of shelving unit
  • Failure to move out by the last day of finals week Spring Quarter
  • Failure to pick up keys by Week 3 of Fall Quarter *
Multiple instances of the same violation within 24 hours of the first report of such offense will count as a single offense. An organization can have at most 2 minor offenses per academic quarter or 5 minor offenses in one academic year. Over this threshold the organization will be required to move out in 3 academic weeks unless an appeal is filed. The organization will also not be eligible for space allocation in the upcoming year. Eligibility will resume after one cycle of space allocation.

*NOTE: Failure to pick up keys by Week 5 of Fall Quarter will result in the student organization’s lease being terminated with University Centers and their place will be given to an organization on the waitlist. The organization in question will still be eligible for the next Space Allocation cycle.

Major Offenses
Reports and observations of the following will result in immediate termination of contract and the organization will not be eligible for the upcoming Space Allocation process. UCAB will also notify CSI advisors and respective authorities.

  • Use or storage of alcohol
  • Use or storage of illegal substances and paraphernalia
  • Use or storage of dangerous laboratory grade chemicals
  • Use or storage of highly flammable substances
  • Presence or storage of animals (except service animals)
  • Use or storage of tobacco
  • Storage of firearms
  • Vandalism
In the case of consecutive violations, where consecutive is defined as two or more violations of major offenses occurring within the next two cycles of space allocations in which the student organization is assigned a space.
Second consecutive violation of a major offense will result in a suspension of allocation for that student organization for the duration of 2 cycles of space allocation
Third consecutive violation of major offense will result in a suspension of allocation for that student organization for the duration of 4 cycles of space allocation

Organizations can appeal to any of the reported offense (minor and major) by filing an appeal to UCAB ViceChair and UCAB Chair through email. In the case of a major violation, the student organization needs to vacate the space immediately but will still have the opportunity to file an appeal. The space in question will remain vacant until such time as the appeal has been decided. Organizations have up to 3 academic weeks from receiving the violation notice to give a short presentation about their situation during regular UCAB meeting. Any submitted appeals will suspend UCAB actions, including but not limited to eviction and suspension on Space Allocation application, taken against the organization until the resolution of the appeal. UCAB will debate over the case and make a determination with a simple majority.

  • Organizations are not guaranteed space in University Centers.
  • Organizations that have been previously allocated space do not automatically receive space for the following school year.
  • Organizations with space in the current year, must reapply to be considered for space during the next school year.
  • Most spaces are shared with 2-4 organizations.
  • As a courtesy, the principal member who filed the Space Allocation application will receive an email with a link to view the allocation results. However, the organization is solely responsible for checking the final results of the Space Allocation assignments, which will be posted online during week 7 or 8 of spring quarter.
  • All organizations must move out for the summer.
  • All organizations that received confirmed space must pick up their keys before Week 5 of Fall Quarter 2018. Failure to do so will result in the organization forfeiting the space.

Application Period Closed